Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today, I took a picture in my school's bathroom.
Actually, the bathroom of the Gillioz Theatre. But I do have school there.
So whatevs, it's all the same, right? :)

I'm trying so hard to get back into the habit of blogging and all that jazz. I took a break (ha, some break. just a week) because I felt like I had absolutely nothing of great importance to say. Like, what on earth do I blog about? What could I possibly write that someone actually wants to read? Blogging is such a weird thing. I can't say that I missed it during that week that didn't blog, but I definitely wanted to find that... "passion" for it again. I don't think that I've found it yet, but I'm working on it.

In other news, Blake made me chocolate covered bacon. It was pretty freaking great. I enjoyed every bit of it. Also. All we did today in Children's Lit was watch JK Rowling interviews. Time well spent, I'd say.

I went through some silly "drama" that all stemmed from my "mean" anonymous comment I got last week. All of my friends saw it, because of course, I tweeted/facebooked about it, and they all came to my defense and "knew who it was." In high school, I used to be friends with this girl, and long story short, we are not friends anymore, and there is a lot of tension between us, and our mutual friends. It is absolutely silly. But anyways, a lot of petty Facebook messages were sent, and lots of tears were shed (mean things were said about my best friend's kidney disease in an effort to make fun of us). Bottom line, girls are mean, and that's a big reason why I didn't feel like blogging for a while.

I love you!

outfit details: cardigan, target. top & scarf, forever 21. shoes, steve madden. jeans, american eagle.


  1. Chocolate covered bacon sounds devine!

  2. You are so pretty, lady! Really loving this outfit, it's looks stylish but comfortable. :]

    Annnnnd I just died after hearing chocolate covered bacon! Sounds SO delish. =D

  3. Thats why I dont have many girl friends.
    They are just too hard to be friend with :(
    Hang in there sista' i'm sure being pretty as you, ppl are bound to be jealous.

  4. Sorry to hear about the drama! And I agree about blogging being a really weird thing. I always think "why would ANYBODY care to read about this?!" when I blog, but then it's those posts where people ramble on that somehow captivate me, so I'm trying to get more personal in my posts.

    I guess there's just a fine line between boring & interesting... and I'd say your blog is on the interesting side. I always read it, anyway!


  5. Stupid drama, blah blah. You look super cute though :]

  6. Oh Hello Ms. Hailey! I just wanted to say that you're freaking adorable. Also, the pictures Colby takes of you are nothing short of amazing! You two are so freaking cute.

  7. I really wish the girl on girl hate could stop for a second. I'm not meaning this incident you speak of specifically, but just in general. Girls are not super hard to get along with as long as they don't feel insecure about themselves. I use to think I was only wanting guy friends but if you find the right ones girls are far greater to have as friends. Yes I've been burned a few times (all to do with guys) but after a time of not speaking to them and dealing with my own feelings and trying my hardest not to insult them and just state my hurt I would go back to the friendship and 80% of the time it's been worth it. Girl on girl crime shouldn't happen as much as it does. We aren't REALLY competing with each other like we think we are. It's a bummer but it's life and I still get caught up in it from time to time.

    I'm glad you're back to blogging.


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