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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cardigan - Forever 21//Gray v-neck - Charlotte Russe//
Top - Urban Outfitters//
Jeggings - American Eagle//Boots - Steve Madden
....and then my camera died.

BUT! I did get quick photos to do a "what's in my bag" post!
My fake Orla Kiely purse! I got this when I was in New York. When we first got to Canal Street, I had full intentions of getting a Chanel but I was having zero luck, then I stumbled upon a smaller version of this, and immediately had my heart set on finding the bigger one! Luckily I found it. Not so lucky: an hour later, I found a woman selling stolen Coach, Chanel and Louis Vuittons. So I got Breigh a Coach purse and called it day.
1. assorted cords. I'm not too sure why I keep these in my purse.
2. Target wallet ($12!)
3. Cell phone. Because I would die without it. Probably.
4. Entertainment Weekly and Foam.
5. Pencils and magic marker. :)
6. iPod. Sweet, sweet, first generation video iPod. I've had it for 4 years now. It's time to move on...
7. Chapstick. Although, that was technically in my coat pocket. Not my purse.
8. Red nerd glasses from RVA. (part of my Grad gift from Miss Elsie!)
9. A Wrinkle In Time, for my Children's Lit class. Which I did not read & we had a test over. Thank you, Jesus, for making today a group test day.
10. Wet Seal gift card holder, but.. I use it for needle and thread. duh.
11. Photo book! It has maybe like... 3 pictures in it. Ha:)
12. keys.

Okie dokie. I'm all tuckered out. It's been a long day.
xo Haley


  1. Love your outfit! Those boots are to die for.
    I keep trying to do a WIMB post, but I keep forgetting. Damn my lameness. Your bag is so cute though!! I'm totally in love! :]

  2. haley, i'm really loving your new blog formatting! i love your outfit posts, and liked seeing what was in your bag :)
    all-in-all, i really like your blog!!


  3. Oh no, you don't have that much luck lately when it comes to electronics, right?! :(
    But I love your outfit and I def love your bag. Don't be bothered because one day you'll live in NYC and you can buy those cheap things all the time. Or even the originals... Haha.


  4. I love your owl keychain. Where'd you get it?!

  5. Such a cute outfit, I love it!! =) xo.


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