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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Claire has got to be the sweetest girl I know. She's so cute and genuine, and she gives REALLY good advice! We've been pen pals for a few months... although, I'm an awful pen pal lately (lately as in, since December). I owe you a letter (or 5), Claire!
Anywho, this girl is the sweetest, most mature 16 year old I've ever had the chance of getting to know. Her blog is so.. smart. She knows where she stands in terms of her faith, and she can back it up so well. I admire her for that. So check out her blog. She's pretty darn cute!
Oh, and she has THE most adorable relationship with her sister. I want a little sister now!
Love you, pen pal! ♥
xoxo Haley

Blood Bank - Bon Iver

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  1. You are just the sweetest! Every word of this just puts a smile upon my face, SO glad we became friends! I do miss writing to you... so five letters would be most appreciated! :) HAHA.
    Maybe when the day comes, when I can come and visit... I'll let my little sister tag along :)

    PS. Bon Iver <3 You couldn't have picked a more perfect artist to feature in the post!


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