surprise, surprise.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i'm sorry for my absence this weekend, but we had two surprise birthday parties this weekend!
momma, dad, and my aunt & uncle put on one for my brother, trevor, on friday for his 18th birthday. we had no plans of really doing anything other than having friends over and ordering pizza and playing video games (and when i say we, i mean trevor and his friends would play the video games - not me. haha). but mom & dad came up with a cute plan to surprise him with a party last minute.
saturday was the huuuge surprise for my momma's 40th birthday!
blake came with me:
we had the party at The Dickey House, which is a bed and breakfast, and we also got a room for my parents so they could spend the night there instead of coming back to the house after the party. It was so much fun!
it was a good weekend.
very good weekend. :)

xoxo hay

p.s. i made blake watch The Business of Being Born with me. i think it may have scared him a bit... :)


  1. i love surprise birthday parties :) glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Why was I not invited to this party? :[


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