My boyfriend has a blog!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi! This is my really, mega, super cute boyfriend, Blake:
Blake has officially entered the ridiculously awesome world of blogging. He, however, has taken the route of blogging with an actual purpose, unlike his totes adorbs girlfriend, Haley. He is suuuper serious about music. It's really cute, actually. But that's what he blogs about. He's always pushing new music on me, so I think his blog is a good idea. Maybe this will give him an outlet, other than his really patient & loving girlfriend, to give new music ideas to.
Just kidding, Blake. You know I secretly love your strange music.♥ So go read his blog. Follow. Whatever. Do what you will.
Just check it out.
And while you're at it, he has a Twitter, too. Coolest boyfriend ever?

xo Hay

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