Awkward & Awesome

Thursday, March 17, 2011

*watching colby get his nipple pierced.
*watching the girl in front of me take all of the dessert pizza at cici's right after i said that was the kind i really liked.
*driving my best friend around everywhere after nearly 3 years of him driving me everywhere.
*the current length of my hair.
*the fact that i'm 19 years old and would give anything to be married and have a family (i have problems, obviously..)

*bought a Little Boots tshirt at hot topic for 10 bucks.
*finding out my next tattoo will only be $60. (yay!)
*the weather being warm enough to actually enjoy iced drinks at starbucks
*realizing that i'm meeting my favorite band in less than a month..
*brother's 18th birthday is tomorrow!

today was a good day
colby and i spent the day walking around downtown since the weather was so nice (but extremely windy). i'm fairly sure we went in every single shop in the area, and i'm pretty sure colby bought something at nearly all of them. haha. we support our local businesses. with the exception of the coffee shops. we're all about our black tea lemonades at starbucks. but we really did try to do today completely local. :)
we ate lunch at maria's, which is a very yummy mexican restaurant... i don't even like mexican food.
he's going to love me for that picture of him...
I definitely enjoyed my seafood fried taco...but I was SO full when we left. I haven't even eaten my cupcake from AmyCakes yet that I bought after lunch! Lame.
Yum. Yum. I want more.

I have to sleep now. I have work in the morning (aka: noon), and I'll be super cranky if I don't get 10 hours of sleep. Haha. Sad. But true.

xoxo Haley

"Stuck on Repeat" - Little Boots


  1. What is this seafood fried taco you speak of? Yum!

  2. Your day sounds awesome!! I really want to hang out with you guys! :] Oh, and Colby is officially my hero. I'm such a baby when it comes to anything painful, haha.

  3. ew at the girl taking all the dessert pizza- how rude! can't wait to see your new tattoo after you get it :) i've been wanting a new one for a while so i can just live through you ;)

  4. I looove Little Boots. Haven't listened to her music in while, thanks for reminding me!
    When I gave all my friends the cd to my friends, they didn't like the music. Booo, lame friends!!

  5. Trust me, getting my nipple pierced was a lot more awkward for me than it was for you.

  6. aw, you're so cute and so is colby. i like that you two are bffs!!

    sounds like a really fun day!


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