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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

**update (again): my mac is working! i don't know what happened, or why it's working now, but it is! the sound is a bit iffy... but... my computer works and that's all that matters.
We'll see how it lasts the next few days though...
xo Hay


So, this morning, my dad worked on my mac a whole bunch, and (surprise, surprise) nothing happened. So... we both left for work and I tried not to think about it.
We later came up with a "deal" that since this is the second Mac they'd have to buy me, if I saved up money to pay for half, then he would pay for the other half. Considering how much money I make per month (not much), and what I have to pay for... I think I could save up enough by... July. Hahaha :)
But, when I came home from work, I attempted to turn it back on, not really expecting anything, but it turned on, it let me log in, and it stayed on for a few minutes.. and then it made the most awful high pitched noise. I freaked out, and turned it off. I texted my dad, and he said to just leave it for a few days, and we'll try again.
So, please excuse my blogging habits for the next few weeks. I really hate blogging on the family computer. So, my updates may be few for a week or so.

xo Haley

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