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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I woke up with an ever present sore throat, yet again, this morning. After some home-examination, there were very obvious white spots on the back of my throat. So, we decided it was best to go to the doctor. So I called into work to tell my boss I couldn't come in (sad face. I NEED the hours BAD), and my momma took me to urgent care, and I was immediately tested for Strep. But... the test came back negative. The doctor was completely shocked. After she looked at my throat, she was sure that it was strep. My throat was completely swollen, and covered in little white spots, and my heart rate was "way too elevated." So, when we found out it was negative, she said the next step was to do some blood work. Mom had to hold my hand (I am such a baby when I get blood drawn)... It was funny being on the "other side" of things, since I used to go with Breigh to get her blood work done every week (she's a lot more tough than I am!) But, the results came back from that and I tested positive for....


SERIOUSLY. I was so upset.
Until she said that I had doctor permission to stay in bed until Wednesday, and I needed to have someone wait on me, and do everything for me next week. Oh, and to avoid all physical activity for the next 2-3 weeks. Yes. I felt extremely relieved after that :)

So now, I'm home. I cleaned up my room a little bit to make it nice and comfy (which left me utterly exhausted after less than 10 minutes), and I'm chilling out in bed, watching O Brother Where Art Thou, and reading magazines (I really need to go to Wal-Mart and buy some more...)
Miss Cassie is coming over Sunday night and then waiting on me hand and foot keeping me company on Monday. I'm pretty darn excited for that :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. :)
xo Haley

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  1. Mono?! That really sucks!! I'm so sorry you're sick! :( How long does mono usually last? [I guess I could probably google this but I'm being lazy and asking you instead *wink*]

  2. Feel better and rest, rest, rest! You should prob have someone else pick up those mag's for ya! Until then...electronic mags would be perfect for you, google boho mag. Hearts, janna lynn

  3. Oh NO! I hope you feel better babe. Mono = no fun! I had it the first year of college, and it was seriously the worst sore throat of my life.

    Sending you good vibes!

  4. oh. no. mono is the worst, most horrible thing ever. i had it my freshman year of college. you're doin it right though, resting up!

  5. I'm sorry you're sick. It must be sooo awful to have to stay in a nice warm cozy bed for days. Just awful.

  6. oh no! mono is no fun! i had it in high school and my throat too was in so much pain i lived off ice pops for a few days. get well soon!

  7. Having blood taken sucks. I make them make me a bunny bandaid with the gauze as ears. Srsly. Makes everything better.

  8. that's horrible, i'm sorry hay :(
    i hope it passes as soon as humanly possible! i've been really sick lately too, and i'm always here if you get that wave of illness-depression and want to chat.

    on another note, is it weird when you have to check in places as "elizabeth"? and when you have to correct teachers on the first day of school? just curious :)

  9. Oh no!! You know what, had that in January, too. It's called the student-disease and you can get it from stress and so.
    So, get well soon! Don't be too woried, it could've been worse! After 10 days of a sore throat I was beginning to think there might be a tumor in my throat... Gross!


  10. Oh goodness! I hope you feel better!

  11. Ooh man i remember when i had mono! My doc was so sure it was strep too that she didnt even test me. Just gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I ended up in the er a few days later because my throat had swollen so bad i couldnt breathe. Im glad your doc tested you instead of assuming! :) get better soon!

  12. get well soon! It sucks that you're ill. have a nice relaxing 2-3 weeks :) xx

  13. Dang girl! Hope you feel better soon! Stop kissing all dem boyyzzzz..


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