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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've been a really bad blogger these past few days. :(
I owe you guys 2 (TWO!) outfit posts! I'm not one for excuses (actually, that's a lie. I'm really bad about giving a million excuses as to why I didn't do something), but I will say this: Saturday was absolutely awful. I was on day 2 of a train wreck of a headache, and it was freezing and rainy and dreary. Gross. My sweet little boyfriend brought me Steak & Shake and watched The Virgin Suicides with me, so that made my day a lot better.
And today, I just didn't have time at all! I woke up late, and didn't make it to church on time (sad face), and then grandma and I went to Springfield for a top secret shopping trip. We came home with lots of goodies, which I cannot tell you about, and she even bought me Starbucks and a new outfit (which you will see on Sunday...) I had to work so hard for this outfit! I absolutely hate cleaning, everyone that knows me well knows this, but I told grandma that I would clean for a new outfit (HA.)... so, as soon as we got back from Springfield, I went straight to work. Who knew vacuuming was such a workout?
Breigh and I went out for lunch the other day, to Breigh's non-Applebee's favorite restaurant, Little Tokyo:
I am not a huge fan of Little Tokyo, but lunch was good, and so was the fortune in my fortune cookie. :)
Grandma and I listening to Beach House a lot today. I always skip Norway when I'm listening to them on my iPod, but I heard it today for the first time in forever, and I remembered how good it actually is. I really, really love this song. Like, a lot.
Alllllright. I'm off to watch Fargo (best.movie.ever) and hopefully fall asleep at a decent time..
goodnight ♥
xo Haley


  1. i have only recently fallen in love w/ beach house. norway is one of my fave songs from their newest album. :]

  2. I love the book and movie of The Virgin Suicides! I made my bf watch it with me recently :P
    The weather has been miserable lately but it was sunny today! It finally feels like Spring now :D



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