Today is For..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today is for:
* watching reruns of our favorite 90s Nickelodeon shows with my boyfriend.
* being the boss of my brother who is home from school today.
* not working on a paper for children's lit.
* lots of unnecessary snacks.
* ice cream. i don't even like ice cream.
* pajamas.

I'm still in bed and I promised myself I'd get up at 9:30. It's only an hour later and I'm still in the same position. Oops.
I'm hungry... but McDonald's breakfast is allllmost done. So I'll probably over-eat today to make up for that.
And I really like this:
Its pretty much the best. :)
That's all I got.
I'm gonna go do something semi productive. ish.

xo Haley

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  1. I think that picture is creepy. hahaha

  2. This is the best. Ever. Just watch Hot Rod and it will be the best day you've ever had.


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