What I'm Wearing

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

excuse the awkwardness..
top-forever 21//black v-neck (underneath)-target//
denim jeggings-american eagle//shoes-toms

I worked all day, alllll day. I got there at 9 and left around 4. Such a long day. I usually work 4 hours, so working 7 hours was definitely different for me. We had a group of old ladies come in and they were SO sweet. One of them tipped me 10 dollars because I was "too cute."
Tomorrow it's supposed to be 74 degrees! I'm so excited... Colby and I are going to take lots of cute photos and drink lots of black tea lemonade. Summer is near.. :)
Oh, and I forgot I had these glasses. I'm such a silly girl.
xoxo Haley


  1. YOU ARE SO CUTE. You can nanny my dogs? Weird? I don't think so!!

  2. the glasses are adorable :) i've been leaning towards getting my first pair of toms and yours are definitely making me want to get some even more!

  3. Looooove the red TOMS. Those are my favorite! :)

  4. Everybody knows that Colby Kern approves of this. Hahaha.

  5. Ahh! That plaid shirt is so fabulous, I love it! Love the whole outfit, actually. Super cute glasses, by the way! =) xo.

  6. So cute! Love the Toms!

  7. I've never been sure about the red TOMS until now, you are so adorable in them! MUST HAVE.


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