worst. night. ever.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear someone nice,
buy me a new macbook.
love, haley.

but in all seriousness..
my mac quit on me tonight. completely. i took the battery out, and it's just sitting on my desk. it looks rather pathetic. my dad tried messing around with it for a little bit. but...nothing. so i gave up, and i'm just going to leave it for a few days. i've been having problems with my charger..but i really don't think it's effected my computer..? i really don't know. ughhh.
on top of that mess, which had me crying and all achy,
i was juuuuust about to fall asleep when i heard someone banging on my door (i have a door to the outside of our house in my bedroom). i got up and went to tell my parents, and when i passed through the living room, i saw someone outside with a flashlight looking around my car. needless to say, i went into freak out mode (i get nervous VERY easily). when i got to my parent's room, my brother was also in there saying that he heard someone ring the doorbell. soon after, my two other brothers came from their room asking who rang the doorbell. we were all freaking out!
i moved all of my bedding to my little brother's room because i didn't want to sleep by myself (my room is on the complete opposite end of the house). dad sat in the living room for a while, just kind of waiting to see if someone would come around again. finally, the cops came! turns out - it was a cop banging on my door. i guess someone a few streets over had reported to them that they had seen someone walking around aimlessly, so they were watching our neighborhood, and when they passed my street, they saw that my car door was open (this is like the one time i didn't lock my door! imagine that), so they were trying to wake us up to let us know.
now, everything is resolved and better (with the exception of my dead macbook. sad face), butttt...i'm still really shaky, and i can't fall asleep. :(

maybe tomorrow will be better. it has to be.

xo haley


  1. How scary, I would be super shaky about that too! But I hope everything gets better with your Mac. Mine is basically my life so I understand how you feel!

  2. scary!! I had the same issues with my macbook and all it needed was a new charger that I ordered from Amazon for like 30$. Love u!!

  3. Man, that would completely freak me out too, I don't blame you for being scared! I hope you manage to sort your laptop out.

  4. OH NO.
    That's one crazy night.

  5. Oh my gosh..you've been through it, take care and all your negativity will lift soon...hopefully a new charger will work for you! :) Hang in there...Hearts, Janna Lynn


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