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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today marks the first day of school for the kiddos of Marshfield. And it also marks the first day that I don't have to go back to school. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I could sleep in and not worry about getting up for dreaded high school. BUT all of that changes next week when I have to leave my house by 7:45 in order to get to class on time. :( I can see very many early morning trips to Starbucks in my future... as long as I can afford it. Ha! I think that's what I'll be asking for for Christmas gifts. Starbucks gift cards, so I don't have to spend my own money on that addictive stuff called coffee. :)
Anyways, with my day off today, I thought I'd get started working on organizing my room/craft space... but then I realized I was super delusional for thinking I'd spend a whole day doing that. I spent half my morning watching almost 4 whole episodes of Nip/Tuck (I've gotten behind. sad face), and the other half running errands for my momma. Laaame. So now, I thought I'd waste, I mean... spend, some time on WeHeartIt looking for some cute bedroom inspiration that I can use when cleaning up/ making my room pretty.

Isn't the first one soo beautiful? I wish I was capable of reproducing that in my own room, but my bedroom simply doesn't have enough space :( Lame sauce.
Colby and I have a math class together this semester, and since I have a 2 hour break after that class, we have many thrifting adventures planned so I can find perfect accents for my bedroom. I really just want a space that is comfortable and inspiring. Somewhere that I feel safe in, and can create in.

Hopefully I can get it to some sort of point tonight where I can clean it up and take pictures to show you progress :)


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  1. I am totally craving Starbucks now, haha!

    Those are such pretty bedrooms. Ooh and I think I may start watching Nip/Tuck. It's been on my list of things to watch for a while.


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