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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Confession: I miss Cassie more than anything in the world right now. It is so hard having one of your very best friends 3 hours away, and only able to talk occassionally throughout the day, and even when the slight chance of a phone call could happen, you end up missing it because you're busy, and when you try to call them back, they're busy, and you keep playing phone tag back and forth. Yeah. It really sucks. I spent a good chunk (or all of it, I should say) of my summer. with Cassie. We became so close these past 3 months. And it is so knowing that she won't be showing up at my house unannounced anymore, or I can't go to the tea room (where she worked, and where I currently work) and see her prettiful face. I try not to complain about the situation, but I can't keep it all in! I hate not having her around, and I wish she would quit college and live with me. Haha :)

Last night! AH! So stinking amazing! I love the work that God is currently doing in my life. I'm going through some tough junk right now that is so emotionally draining, and last night was exactly what I needed. I went to A Night of Worship at High Street Baptist in Springfield. I actualkly attended a legit church service there the Sunday before, and absolutely loved it. And last night super confirmed that I want to start going there every Sunday (that is, if my gas tank will allow it. Ha!) Its amazing being in a room f.u.l.l. of people ready and willing to worship God. I know, all of my readers probably aren't particularly religious, or spiritual, or churchy, or WHATEVER the word for it is, but seriously... even if you don't believe, something on that sort of level, a room full of people who believe in the same thing gathering as one, is unbelievable. Here are two of my FAVORITE worship songs everrr:
"Our God" -Chris Tomlin

"Consuming Fire" -Hillsong United

Sigh. I just love these two so much. And really, the entire "Passion: Awakening" CD is fantastic, if you are into worship music.

I'm currently suffering through writing a paper for my Comp 1 class. EW. Seriouslyyy.
Also: Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, yo. I'll be getting one veryyy soon :)

I gotta head out to church soon! So I'll see you all soon, soon, soon!
Lovee Haley


  1. GAH! I love Consuming Fire! I love worship! There is something so amazing and powerful being in a room full of brothers&sisters! Gives me goosebumps <333

  2. Aw, that's a huge bummer that you guys are so far away and playing a lot of phone tag! Maybe you two can write letters to each other? That's a cool way of keeping in touch. I mean, keep calling and stuff, but you can also write each other letters. Haha, okay I just love sending and receiving mail... haha!


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