the itch.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I want, want, WANT to cut my hair so bad!! Like, chop it off!
Much like this...
Breigh and I pretty much switched hairstyles. My hair kept growing, and she cut all of hers off!

But anywho... I am setting up a much needed hair appointment with Miss Sarah very soon. I doubt I'll do anything drastic, just get some of the dead ends and nastiness off! :)
I took some laaame photos today:

and then... the other night, I made this:

I also made one for Tyler's 6 year old niece. She and I are pretty tight, via mailing junk to each other. :)
This was a fairly pointless post. Mostly because I did absolutely nothing productive with my day.
Maybe tomorrow will be better?!
Much love!
xoxo Haley


  1. Cute site!
    xo Annie

  2. Cute site!
    xo Annie

  3. You are so cute! My hair has gotten super long lately... I always grow it really long, then I'll go in to get my hair done one day and just end up chopping it off, haha.


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