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Saturday, August 21, 2010

some changes are happening in little old haley's life!
guess what i start on tuesday?? that's right! college!
i'm incredibly excited for this new change of pace, and i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little dose of adulthood. i have a mini version of things adults do, so i can prepare myself for the "real world" or whatever. i have a car payment now (yuuuck), i work all day on days that i'm not at school, and i'm in class from 8:30 am to 8:30 at night! holy cow, full days! i'm becoming a mini grown up, and i'm way excited. maybe a little too excited?
i'm sooo ready for fall, and colder weather, and cough,pumpkinspicelattes,cough.
i'm starting the college bible study my youth pastor gave me, and i'm ready to put full trust in God this semester, and obviously, the rest of my life, to see where He takes me.
(side note: i heart zooey deschanel & bradley cooper. my mom is watching Failure to Launch in the other room. gosh. stinkin cheesy movie. wonderfully beautiful people in it!)
in the mean time, i'm going to finish working on planning out September, and more importantly, my *drumroll* monthly budget (SCARY words), and continue watching Nip/Tuck (i can't stress how addictive this show is). Lately the show has taken a really sad turn, with all the talk of physical disabilities. but i can't stop watching!
i hope you all are enjoying your weekend, and i'll catch up with you all soon (most likely after i start college!)

xo haley

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  1. Yay! College is a lot of fun! In fact I am really missing it this semester while everyone is talking about going back. I want to go back!! Enjoy it!


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