st. louis, you are our friend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this past weekend has been sooo much fun (yes, i know i'm a little late doing a "weekend" blog).
cassie and i went to St. Louis to get some college stuff done and to just chill at my aunt's house.
this was the result of our 'fun' on monday night..
hahahahaha, she pranked me sooo good.
and if you're up for it... we made a 10 minute video too...
hahaha, we are so silly. i'm not really sure what i'm going to do without her when she moves away :(( i enjoy seeing her nearly every day.

allllllrighty. i'm a bit tired. so i'm gonna nap.
later gatorrrr :)


  1. this just made my day! you guys are awesome :) ,y favorite part is how Cassie kept referring to us as "the public" bahaha, too funny

  2. super cute you guys.. and i agree with the above comment, about the public.. =) blogworld love


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