Well, this is new.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

HEY!! :)
I've only used blogger once... and I didn't like it. BUT, I suppose I should give it a *fair* shot, so here we are. As always, you can find my archives here. I finally decided I liked the capabilities of Blogger much, MUCH more than that of Wordpress.
So.. anyways.
Today, I spent my day doing... absolutely. nothing.
I've gotten the baking bug and I have no ingredients to make anything! I should've made a stop at the grocery store, but I was too lazy.
Tomorrow I am hanging out with a long, lost friend Kylie. She's my Warped Tour buddy. but this year we didn't go :(
But tomorrow we have an amazing agenda of: a) painting up a storm in my mess of a bebdroom, b) getting Chinese takeout at Oriental Inn (seriously.. there's no other cashew chicken like Mr. Lee's!) and c) going back to her house to watch "Chloe". Best day ever! I've missed her muchly.
Next weekend is St. Louis for Miss Cassie and I! We're hoping to meet with Janelly Bean.
I love you all :)
xoxo Hay


  1. Oh geeze I love your new blog!! super cute, just like you! I just got back online after cleaning so Im about to email you back!! Im adding your blog button to my blog too!

  2. So cute! Love it!!! I'm getting your blog button now! Love you!!! How long will you be in St. Louis??? I want to see you too!!! Love you!!! xo

  3. P.S. I had to take out part of your code for your button to work!

  4. yay for new blogs! and i looove your blog header. too cute

  5. I know how you feel, I've switched between so many different blog sites, including wordpress. But blogger always seems to be the most compatible!
    Love your posts, can't wait to see more :)

  6. Glad you've joined the "I switched back to Blogger because Wordpress stinks" club :-) Love the new blog!!!

  7. Hi, I discovered your fun blog via another blog about your tattoo (so cool!). I noticed that you wanted to get the script For I bear on my body the scars that show I belong to Jesus Christ
    Galatians 6:17 next. I was wondering how that script speaks to you as I love that verse because I have a huge scar from a heart surgery I had and it reminds me of how Jesus loves loves me. I never heard anyone else quote that verse so I was curious how it speaks to you! :) - Jaimie, NJ


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