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Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been working (very hard, I might add) on a new painting lately. And, although it is not yet complete, I thought I'd share what I've finished..so far.
sorry for the poor quality, I just snapped this on my phone a bit ago. I'm not sure how to finish it quite yet. It just feels like something is missing. Input is welcome! :D

Tonight I got crafty with my friend Kylie, got chinese takeout, and rented the movie "Chloe". Most awkward movie I've ever see. Lots of (unexpected) girl on girl action. Neither of us were prepared for the Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore love scenes. Snnnnap.
Tomorrow, I think I will bake cupcakes and then go vote in the l
ocal primary election. This is my very first time voting. Even though its just a primary, I'm very, very excited. AND if you go in to the tea room that I work at, and show your "I voted" sticker, you get a free dessert! Good enough reason to vote, for me. :)
Speaking of work... I had my first day! According to my boss, Joanna, the lunch hour is very busy, and crrrazy, but the afternoon slows down. That was SO true! I got the
re around 2:30 and left at 5. No one came in that entire time! But I did learn how to make all sorts of coffee drinks, smoothies, slushies, teas, etc. I go back Friday, and I'll be there from 11-5, learning more about baking & making actual food! Holy cow! I gots me a real, legit job! :)
here are some photosss of "my" tea room:
I seriously am in love with this little old place. It's located right off of the square in my small town (population: approx. 6,000). I love it here. I'll be sad when the day comes that I'll have to move away. :( But, thankfully, that is a while away!

I love you all! I'm off to dream up plans for tomorrow's cupcakes and crafting. :)
Email (elizabethhtyson@gmail.com) if you wanna chatttt<3
xoxo Hay


  1. Dude! I'm in love with that painting!!!! I want to decorate our house with the art of my friends and I STILL want a painting from you!!!! Email me if you still want to do one so we can work out details!!!!! Love you!!!! Miss your face. Come over. xoxo

  2. I am in love with that painting!!! Like, in love, like I want to do Pita's whole nursery aroung that painting!!.
    Can I commission you to do one just like that for me? por favor!!
    I beg of you!!
    and come over here first before Jamie's because Im on the way to Jamie's :)

  3. Ohh the painting is reaaaally beautiful and i love how you job is working out, great experience and i mean, now you're going to be a tea and coffee expert haha, greets from Chile :)


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