Sunday, August 15, 2010

a) i got a car. i'm in loveee with it! i need to take legit photos of it, because its just so darn cute. i've only had one problem with it so far... and that was when it wouldn't start. minor, right? hahah. its fine now, though, and i'm back in love with it.

b) i went and saw thee cutest movie ever last night at the Moxie in downtown springfield last night. it was called "Micmacs" and it was so adorable, i'm in love. it's just a cute little french film, by the director of Amelie, which of course is a beautiful film.. but this one was a little less romantic-styled like Amelie, and more surreal.

c) tonight, the best friend and i have a photo shoot tonight! we've never done a concept shoot together before, so we're going to try out a 50's pin-up style shoot tonight. i'm sooo excited. i was digging through my closet and i found THE perfect dress for it, so i'm super stoked. :)
he recently did some shots of cassie's tattoo for her..

i think that is all for now, i'm hoping for a good night full of photos, coffee, junk food, and madonna. you know colby & i. way too crazy for our own good. ;)
xoxo hay


  1. Lovely photos, can't wait to see the 50's pin up pics...i've always wanted to have some of those taken for my husband.

  2. Great pictures!!! What bible verse does your friend have on her side?


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