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Monday, August 23, 2010

Since I couldn't really participate in Janel's home tour last week, I decided to just do a little tour of my room. I'm not kidding when I say little:
told you it was little! the first image is a view from my little craft area, and the second is a view from my door. TINY. it feels like i live in a walk in closet!
this is my little craft space! the room originally was intended as my mom's scrapbook room, so my dad put in shelves and a countertop. a year after she'd been using the room, i decided i wanted it as my bedroom, so like any good mother, she moved all of her supplies to a tiny corner of her bedroom and let me move into her studio space. <3>

ahh, my bed.i love my bed. and yes, it is parked right in front of a door. a few years ago, back in my rebel years, i decided that it was a good idea to sneak a guy in through my door. ...not a good idea. so, not only is the door blocked by my bed, it is also nailed shut. not fun, but it makes for a good story, yes? :)

this is the top of my dresser... that doesn't hold clothes. I keep all of my old journals, papers, craft stuff in here. and since i use my dresser for that... all of my crap is shoved into a tinyy closet.

this is my favorite, favorite corner of my room. those little tables are ones that my great grandma had for as long as i can remember. when she died, they were given to my aunt, who put them in her basement. so finally, i took them home with me. i love them so so much :)
so that is my bedroom! and now...
yay! i've never done one of these before, and i found it to be a lot of fun, surprisingly. this is my *knock off* orla kiely bag that i got in new york city this past summer. i'm in love with it :)

1. sunglasses case. 2. phone case. 3. book of friend's senior pictures. 4. wallet (12 bucks at target!). 5. keys. 6. pens/pencils. 7. "dark teal metallic" nail polish from f21. 8. Band of Horses tickets for October (!!!). 9. monthly planner that i made. 10. "The Wild Things" by Dave Eggers.

There ya have it! For such a large purse, I really don't carry much in it.
3 of my 5 books that i need :( seriously... $216 worth of books right here... YUCK. and i still need two more :(
BUT, i guess i shouldn't feel so bad.. colby texted me yesterday when he bought his books, he spent $460 bucks on 3 books. ughh, college, you suck!
but class starts tomorrow, and i'm outrageously excited for some reason. :)

love you guys!
xo hay


  1. What a sweet room you have! Oh, and I love your purse!

  2. the story about your door, when we were first building our house my parents wanted to put a back door out to the porch in my room but then they thought of that very reason! the idea of it was never brought up again...haha
    i love your room, so much creativity and pretty things! :)

  3. Aw, it's little but it's still cute!

    I love your Nick & Norah poster, by the way. :)

  4. Your room is adorable!


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