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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodness me its been quite the week.
Second week of college. I skipped 2 classes. Um. I have no explanation for my actions. I just didn't want to go. However, I did not skip my math class. So kudos to me for being a (semi) good student.
Anywhooo. Here are some cellular photos from the week. :)
the first pumpkin spice of the season tastes the best. i told my little buddy jacob to try one, and he's addicted. he texted me this morning, "i took your advice and tried the pumpkin spice latte. seriously life changing" hahah gotta love converting frapp lovers into psl worshippers! i for real style took this quiz. turns out i'm the golden girl-betty white. coolest quiz ever? yeah. i bought this shirt/dress friday night at good girl art in downtown springfield. best ever. i've had my eye on it for a month or so, and so when i got paid, the first thing i did was pay my car payment, and then bought this shirt! haha.
i dyed my hair last night! super dark. and not so red, like it usually ends up when i dye it. i realized that its getting SO long, and i'm enjoying the length, so i'm kinda getting nervous about having sarah cut it on tuesday. but, all will be well in the end, i'm sure!

have a lovely, lovely weekend. the weather is beautiful in good ole missouri :)
xoxo haley

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  1. You're so cute! And I love your new blog header!

    Ugh I'm totally craving Starbucks right now, but the only one in my city might as well be in another town! It's so far from me. Bummmmmmmer!


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