Outfit + Band of Horses

Thursday, February 24, 2011

owl sweater-forever 21//shorts-forever 21//sweater-target//tights-target//boots-?

Today has been a wonderful day, despite the gloomy rain. Usually I love rain. But usually I don't have to drive in it. So...that was a bit of a bummer. I'm not a very good driver in yucky weather.
I went to Blake's for dinner and we came up with amazing plans for Saturday to see the new Director's Cut of Never Say Never. (BIEBER FEVER!) Really. I can't wait.

Dad informed me that it has been officially confirmed that we will be backstage for the Band of Horses/Kings of Leon concert in April. On the inside (...and outside) I am freaking out. My dad's friends are now the in-laws of the drummer, so... instant connection. It is beyond awesome. How did I ever get so lucky? Dad told me how the process will work. Nancy (the mother in law of the drummer) said that they way it usually goes is that she points out to him who gets to come backstage, and he comes out and personally gets us. .....in a little over a month, I will be meeting the members of my favorite band. I think I might cry. I want to just thinking about it! (silly me..)

I am finally home and watching "The Bad Seed" which was made in 1956, so its one of those classic, black & white horror films. Perfect.

Good night :)
xo Haley

p.s. some changes are coming to my little old blog soon. I'm way excited! I spent the good majority of my math class dreaming up ideas. I'll share soon, I promise:)


  1. the bad seed is an awesome movie! i just saw it a couple weeks ago!

  2. that is one bad ass sweater! and how amazing. band of horses is the best.

  3. Wow Back stage? I am super jealous!
    Hope you have a blast!
    PS I love your outfit ♥


  4. I'm excited about the new changes! Do it soon.


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