I am a NERD.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm going to geek out for a few minutes.
I am absolutely obsessed with the documentary King of Kong. Like... I have an unhealthy addiction to watching the film over and over (and over..and over..), and I truly have developed attachments to Billy, Steve, and Walter. NO JOKE.
I love Billy Mitchell. I want to try his hot sauce. And I will eat at his restaurant someday. Steve Wiebe is the classic underdog. And also the super typical dude that gets laid off so he plays Donkey Kong in his garage. Cliche.And Walter Day. Oh, Walter... Walter has got to be my favorite. He's an official "referee" of classic arcade gaming. He is SO cool. Speaking of Walter... we are friends on Facebook, and this happened today:
Cassie called me shortly after seeing this, and laughed at me when she realized that I was being a little bit too serious about road tripping to Iowa to meet my favorite gamers.
And this happened on Christmas Eve. What a memorable night... :)

He's just so wonderful.
But... I am on Team Billy. Here's why.
1. I do not really ever root for the underdog (which in this case is Steve). I root for the guy that has obvious talent and a history of winning. (I told you. I am SO serious about this stuff!)
2. Billy Mitchell looks like Jesus.
3. Billy Mitchell always has a plan.
Also, I have serious respect for whoever got this tattoo:

If only I were so brave to get a tattoo of Billy Mitchell. Gosh. So awesome.
But anyways, I have to go to the Gaming Conference that Walter mentioned on Facebook. I have to. I did some research on it, and as it turns out, they are honoring both Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, meaning... they'll both be there. And, it's in Walter's hometown.. so he'll of course be there. HOLY COW I HAVE TO GO THEY'RE ALL GOING TO BE THERE.
AND. As if THAT weren't enough, they'll be recreating this Life Magazine photo shoot from '83:
I would like to be there for that, please and thank you.
I think I will watch King of Kong now.
Good night!

xo Haley


  1. You ARE a nerd, but I like that. :D

    Fun fact, I live like an hour from where King of Kong was filmed. I love it there. They have some of the best French fries I've ever eaten. Hahah.

  2. OMG!! Adam is obsessed too!! We actually have that poster hanging in our house!! dude you are o funny and so is he. He watches it weekly!!

  3. You are such a weird best friend....

  4. in high school my best friend and i would always talk about and quite this documentary. it's actually a part of why we became friends haha! we both discovered one day we were both huge documentary nerdzzz.


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