I love tattoos and pink hair.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lately, I've been watching a little too much L.A. Ink. Which is not a good thing for me. After watching one episode, I texted Cassie and told her we needed best friend tattoos.. which neither of us have ever been into the idea of "matching tattoos" on anyone. Couples, friends, family... we just don't think it's a good idea. But, oddly enough, she agreed. We've decided that although we're getting the same thing (bows! so girly and pretty), we're getting them in different spots. So it doesn't feel so matchy-matchy. So, we set the unofficial date for when she's home for Spring Break... so that's just a little over a month away. Exciting! Anyways. My L.A. Ink marathon has me searching "tattoo" on weheartit.com... Here are my latest loves...

this is the bow i want! its so stinking pretty! maybe not so big though. or colored. ok. so maybe not THIS bow. :)

I will definitely get a Native American inspired tattoo someday.. most likely a dreamcatcher. My dad's mom is super into the idea. My dad's side of the family is very much Indian, and I'm 1/8 Indian, so I would love to incorporate that in my tattoos someday soon :)
I also want pink hair.
Umm.. yes.

This makes me wish I had blonde hair. But only for a few days.

Miss Kaelah has such pretty pink hair. Its so feminine, and she sooo pulls it off. Jealous.

And, of course, Elsie had beautiful pink hair. So sad its gone, but so glad I got to see it a few times in person before she dyed it back.

So... yeah. I love tattoos and pink hair. And as soon as my parents read this, I'm sure I'll be locked in my bedroom for a few days so they are positive I won't do either of these. Haha

xo Haley


  1. In loooove with this post!! The tattoo with the hands.... omg, I might actually really want something similar to that!!! Miss you sweetie!!

  2. Mine was blonde and pink about a week before moving to Springfield! I totally want a bow tattoo as well!

  3. Makes me want to get the (small and discreet because I'm a chicken) tattoo I've been thinking about for years finally done! The back tat with the heart is gorgeous! And I've always wanted to try pink hair (just the tips), especially in October (breast cancer awareness month - something I strongly support).

    I know, I know...what's stopping me? :)

    xo! Ash

  4. Cute post!
    I love the first tat!
    I would totally do it!

  5. ooh me too! I'm trying to decide what type of tattoo I want. I know I want it on the inside of my wrist, but I can't decide what I want it to say.
    And I so love pink hair. I want to keep my hair dark brown, but get chunky bubblegum pink highlights under my top layers. SO CUTE.

  6. i love your post and blog!!! i love the tattoos too!!! i follow you!! kisses!!! lovely day!!

  7. Love the tattoos!!
    Makes me want the one I've been planning for a while to be here. . .but oh well. that's not happening any time soon.

    Kealah's pink hair is a wig, you know right? I remember whens he posted about it (i follow her blog). So you can have pink hair like her if you want because she posted a link to the place where she got it I believe.


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