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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am so in love with the new Red Velvet website! It is so pretty, and easy to navigate, and so much more "grown up" than the original website. love♥my favorite feature is the "shop by trends." So stinking cool, and being able to look through the RV girls' favorite items is so cool, too. Here are a few of my favorites from the shop...

Everything is so pretty I want it all :)
In other news:
My boyfriend is really cute.
(like I don't say that often enough..)

xoxo Haley

+did you know about this?!
I mentioned wanting pink hair, and so... I better win, so I can have my pink hair shipped right to my front door. :) xo


  1. I'm loving the new RVA site as well! And that email exchange between you and your bf is too stinkin' cute :)

  2. Lucky you, what a cute bf. Haha. :) Keep him! ;-)
    And right, I adore that RVA-site, too. Can't stop browsing through it, I already visited that site a 1000 times.
    Have a nice day. XO.

  3. Not gonna lie...
    I just "awwwwed" out loud at that message between you and Blake.


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