my parents are cooler than yours.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 4. my parents. they are probably the coolest people i know.
i love them a lot.
and yes, my dad always makes that face when my mom makes him take pictures.
lets see. about them: they met when my mom was in high school, and my dad had already graduated. my old music teacher said that she remembers my dad waiting patiently after school every day for my mom to get done with choir practice. they got married when she was (almost) 19. and had me a year later. we've been lucky that my mom could stay home with us for 16 years. but, as soon as my youngest brother got to 2nd or 3rd grade, i think she got bored with staying home all the time, so she now works for the elementary school in my town. my dad is pretty awesome. he likes to take me to see movies at midnight (cough, twilight), and he and i share a rather infinite love for band of horses. we saw them in october, and are going again in april. we're pretty stoked. but my parents are awesome. way too cool for their own good, actually.
xo haley


  1. sweet!!
    i hope the boy and i turn out to be cool parents too.

    ahhhh baby fever!

  2. Don't forget to tell your mom that I am coming over and she is going to cook for me!!! Hahaha :]

  3. Love Band of Horses!
    Awww kinda high school sweethearts! hehe!


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