Sunday, February 13, 2011

my blogging habits are very poor these days.
now that i don't have to blog for english, i don't really have a reason to post something every single day.
i have a desire to, but i'm just out of ideas.. i thought about doing another 30 day challenge.. Colby is doing one right now, and I've done one in the past.. but I thought it would be something fun to do, what with the incoming of new followers here and there.
so i think that is what i shall do. i tried to find one different from the one i did before, but all of them out there are basically the same. so, if you feel like you've heard all of this before: a) i am sorry, b) please don't stop following me. haha :)

so, here goes. day one.
a recent photo/intro/15 facts
1. my name is elizabeth haley, but i go by haley. half the people in my family go by their middle names. its a trend. ha:)
2. i absolutely hate touching people if i've just gotten out of the shower, or the pool, or anything like that. yuck.
3. i have a permanent retainer on the back of my two front teeth.
4. my favorite movie in 6th grade was Gone with the Wind. i watched it every night for a year.
5. my boyfriend and i are addicted to To Catch a Predator.
6. i can't stand sweet tea, but i still drink it upon occasion.
7. i recently gave up on vegetarianism, which only lasted a 1.5 months. the day after "quitting," i ate a big mac. siiiick.
8. i am the oldest of the 4 kids in my family. i am also the only girl. 3 younger brothers = problems.
9. i can't brush my teeth with hot water. that's just gross.
10. speaking of hot water, for a month or two, i was terrified of taking baths/showers with hot water (i had taken a bath, and my water was way too hot, and i passed out). i'm not scared anymore though! :)
11. i'm about to turn 20 and i live at home. its a great feeling.
12. i work at a tea room, and i work for the sweetest woman alive.
13. i got really depressed the day that Starbucks told me they could no longer put gingerbread flavoring in my chai tea latte.
14. there have only been 2 movies that have really, really scared me in my entire life. "Shattered Lives" is about demonic clown dolls that convince a little girl to stab her mother to death. that was a life ruiner. and "Paranormal Activity 2" only scared me for one night, but that was the worst night of my life. About halfway through the movie, I started crying and shaking and couldn't stop. it was awful.
15. i know every single word to every single song on Kanye West's new album. every. word. i'm proud of this.

xo hay.
you should join the fun and do a 30 day challenge too:)


  1. I have a permanent retainer on the back of my bottom front teeth. I've gotten so used to it I actually forgot I had it until I read this lol
    -Allison Kaye

  2. Weird, I can't brush my teeth with cold water. That's just gross.

  3. Ow, when I read about your new blog challenge that gave me a reminder that I never finished the one I started last year. Whoopsi. :)


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