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Thursday, September 23, 2010

a big hello, hello from my college campus where I sit completely bored to death, and unwilling to move from this spot even though my terribly small bladder is absolutely killing me.

Yes, I am at school, and yes, I have been using Photobooth during class... Claire already knows of this :)
Yesterday, poor, poor Breigh got her wisdom teeth "extracted" (as her mother likes to say). The silly girl looked incredibly drugged up and I couldn't stop laughing (I am a good best friend, of course). I absolutely love her to pieces, but this was something I couldn't keep myself from laughing about! So stinking funny! Annnnywho. She will not be at school today, so it seems Math & the lunch break will be just me & Colby Kern. I will miss her muchly. But then again, Colby and I can quote Fargo continuously and not get made fun of when she's not around :)

Everyone knows of my ridiculous obsession with green tea lemonades at Starbucks... Holy cow, YUM. I adore this drink to no end. Colby told me about it last week. And ever since then, this has been my regular drink, every morning at the Starbucks on Glenstone & Cherry, and every lunch hour at The Bistro Market downtown. SO GOOD. Seriously.

Other useless pieces of info that you may or may not be interested in knowing..
  • Tonight I have a 3 hour lecture in my Safety and Sanitation class. Well, every week is a 3 hour lecture. But tonight doesn't seem too bad. I'm actually beginning to enjoy the class, and I do't dread going to it anymore. I'm learning so much in it that I can actually use n.o.w. since I work in the "food industry."
  • After said lecture, I'm heading over to Erin Sunday's place for a little crafting and a few episodes of The Office! I'm so stoked. When we took pictures a few weeks ago, we decided that we needed to hang out more, and that we needed craft nights since none of our friends around here like to do that stuff. So its perfect! I'm excited :)
  • The other day in my English class, we did some free writing on a topic of our choice. Mine was "What if Pumpkin Spice Lattes Didn't Exist?" So... I'm fairly sure I'll be revising my paper & sharing it with you soon :)
  • Miss Claire and I are now pen pals. I'm way excited because I've never had a "real" pen pal before and I'm going to do my best to keep my letters and little surprises awesome! I'd share peeks at what I send her.. but she follows my blog and that would ruin the surprise! So... guess I can't show peeks until after she gets her stuff in the mail!
That is all. I really really need to pee (tmi..?), and class starts in 30 minutes, so maybe I should get crackin' on the things I need to do. Haha. Maybe.

Love you! Have a fantastic day!!


  1. Haha you're so cute! :) Hope you have a great day at school! I'm totally craving Starbucks now.

  2. I love, love penpals and have definitely used Photobooth on my college's computers before haha

  3. i'm glad you're enjoying college! that's suchhhh a beautiful photo. <3

  4. how now brown cow.. lovely breighann here.

    and i didnt know you guys quoted that thing, i have no idea what it therefore, i didn't make fun!
    btw...therefore is a transition i just learned that in my english class cheaaa!


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