another one.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i updated the blog. yet again.
i find that i get bored with it alllll the time. that's no good.
now i just wanted something simple. and not 'flashy'.
i'll probably keep making little tweaks here and there. nothing too drastic, i promise.

last night i went to the robbie seay band concert here in town. there were probably a few hundred kids there. i love seeing all the churches come together for an event. its really awesome. and satisfying. God is really working wonders in the lives of a few teenagers i know, and its really, really cool.
also, i made this a few weeks ago for mr. blake, but i haven't gotten it to him yet (sad face.)
and this, is the bff piercing i was talking about on twitter about a month ago...
cassie and i, being the spontaneous souls we are, got our cartilage pierced while she was home from college. gosh i love her. first its tattoos together, and now this. :)

okie dokie. its the weekend, and its "fall" so that means its time for Fair Grove's Heritage Days!! Cassie and i would always go together, but now the silly girl lives in St. Charles, so it looks like its just me this year. that is, unless i can convince papa tyson that he needs to go too :)

xoxo haley


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