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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have a bit of a blogging obsession. Sometimes, I'm not so good at it, other times, I make lists during government class about all the things I could blog about. I'm just silly like that.
But today, we were assigned in my english class to create a blog. Obviously, I have this one, so I'm going to just keep blogging here. But seriously, I'm SO excited! I didn't know I could be so excited about a stinking class project!

In other news... I went to see Cats at the Springfield Little Theatre. Ugh. So good! I am actually really surprised about the overall quality of the production. I do enjoy SLT's shows, but I didn't know how they would be able to pull off something so big and extravagant. But it was absolutely wonderful! If you live in the area, I highly suggest you see it before its over!

Lets see... what else? I've done a bit of painting, movie watching, pumpkin spice drinking, and working.

The cupcake of the week is cotton candy. Talk about sugar. overload. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and I try one! We got rid of all of our desserts last week, so we should have brand new, fresh ones in the store this week. Come and try one! :)

xoxo Haley


  1. i would love that class project!!

    two of my old roomies are in cats. i need to go watch it!

  2. I wanna try your cotton candy so so bad :P

  3. Haha what an awesome assignment!

    Cotton candy cupcake? Sounds DELICIOUS.


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