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Friday, September 17, 2010

This has been such a wonderful Friday! I didn't have to go into work until 1, which was such a good thing. I had time to sleep in, and just do whatever. It was a nice change of pace. Every week is such a routine. It gets old, and this was nice. My best friend came to see me at work, too! I only get to see him during one of my classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays, so its always a nice surprise when we get to see each other. :)
Momma and I got some chinese takeout since it was just the two of us at th
e house tonight, and we watched "Dear John", even though I'd seen it 3 times already, and she was "not in the mood to cry tonight." haha, she said it has the worst ending ever. I love her.
Now I'm just getting ready for bed, since I have to be at work bright and ea
rly tomorrow (10 am. Yuck). Tomorrow is going to be full of thrifty goodness. Best friend
and I are going shopping for our so called "necessities" (aka, things we definitely do not need), and we're going to Funtiques (aka best place in the whole entire world). We might even stop by Cider Days for a little while. Tomorrow will definitely be a good day.

And as for the near future, I'm contemplating Halloween costumes...
I never go all out for Halloween. Never, ever. But this year, I'm trying to make
the most out of it, since all of my friends will be together (college has for real separated all of us. Its crappy).
So, this is where y.o.u. come in! I need your opinion.
I either want to
a) get this this mask, and a cute dress:

b) wear a very sleepy-Holly Golightly-esque costume:
I just don't know! I'm leaning more towards the owl right now. But then again, I've been super obsessed with watching Breakfast at Tiffany's every night, so I may end up going with Holly Golightly. Hmm.. choices, choices. Any & all ideas are sure welcome :)
Have an amazing weekend, and I'll post my shopping adventures soon!
xoxo Haley


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