Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've been so ridiculously stressed. I'm doing no good in the sleep department. And I've been drowning in goverment homework.
So much for fall-ifying my bedroom.. it's already trashed.
And I have a headache the size of Texas.
BUT I'm choosing not to let all of it get me down.
This weekend/week is full of good things:
I stayed with my grandma two nights in row (instead of just one, like I usually do). We had some good conversations, lots of competition between each other on Jeopardy, and yummy dinners (that I did not cook).
I got to Skype with best friend Cassie, we talked for forever! Nearly an hour and a half I think.
we really are interesting people, I promise! But we only look slightly boring when talking about our problems via the internet. Haha :)
I've been rereading a lot of my old Bible studies on purity and such. A few years back, my junior year in high school, I think, I taught a study from the book "And the Bride Wore White." Hands down, most effective, inspiring book on Christianity & purity. To me, it is definitely told from the point of view of a mom. But that's what I love about it. You get all of the "mom-ness" without the lectures. It's a wonderful book.
But anyways, I've been rereading that book, and some others..
Grandma's always been on top of buying me the latest book on purity, just to make sure I didn't "mess up" like she did. I do love her, no matter how many lectures I get, and how many times she "disapproves" of my decisions (the tattoo is still a touchy subject with her).
I've been growing in my relationship with Christ lately. I have an AWESOME new pen pal who I'm also going to go ahead and call my accountability partner while we're at it. She's an awesome, awesome girl and so stinking spiritually mature for such a young age. Hahah, "young". I'm only like, 2 or so years older than her!
I've been listening to a LOT of Underoath lately, mainly out of excitement for their new album that comes out in November. Their last album, Lost in the Sound of Separation had maybe like, 2 songs on it that I actually liked, so I'm hoping this one will be better for me. Nothing will ever, ever compare to They're Only Chasing Safety. And Define the Great Line is pretty decent too. Anyways, just hoping that this one is better than the last :) (p.s. you can listen to a sample of a new song on their website. Check it out, you know, if you're into that sort of music.)

I hope you all are having a lovely week (so far), and I hope it only gets better from here!
Love love

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