happy me day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

i decided early this morning that today would be a "me" day.
and it was absolutely wonderful! i went for lunch at oriental inn (i cannot express just h.o.w. much i love mr. lee's cashew chicken!).
after lunch i went over to my church to give my youth pastor a painting i had been working on for him, and we talked for a while. i am officially going on the fall retreat next month as an "adult chaperon". how exciting!
i then went to springfield, and had some time to kill, so i went to starbucks and did homework. i felt like a legit college kid. it was super awesome ;)
p.s. iced pumpkin spices are my new favorites! i'm still a sucker for the hot version, but since its still warm outside, the iced version is an incredible alternative!
i went to see a movie by myself, which was a definite first for me. (i saw the last exorcism) i thought i would be the only one in the auditorium, but as soon as the previews started, a creeeepy old guy walked in. and sat right. behind. me. i was freaking out the entire time!
after that, i went over to my dad's office to chill for a bit, and enjoy a coke.

today was a good day.
tomorrow means school day, and i'm not so happy about that. but a certain someone is going to get a birthday present (that's a month late), and hopefully i'll get to eat lunch with the two beeeest friends ever!
i hope this weekend my parents will end up letting me go to st. louis for not only blog weekend with a bunch of my bloggy friends, but also, partying it up with cassabee in her dorm, and playing in the living room floor with little max at aunt leslie's house. its a full weekend! just crossing my fingers that the parents will let me do it!
mucho love to youuu.
xo hay

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  1. HI!
    So i was reading your 19 be 20 things, and i absolutely love snail mail and such and was wondering if you want to be pen pals?!


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