New Apartment Tour!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

**I apologize in advance...this is extremely photo heavy.

I'm so excited to share these photos! Since I turned like 6 years old, I've dreamed of decorating my own space. And now I finally get to! Keep in mind that its still a work in progress. More has happened in the kitchen in the past 24 since I took these pictures, so I'll (of course) keep you all updated with all the changes that go on in mine and Anna's new home. :)

We'll start with my favorite part of my bedroom!
The tables were my great-grandmother's... I have another one by my bed, you'll see in a bit. I absolutely adore them, and I will no doubt keep them for forever! The easel that the album is on is also from my great-grandma. In my old room, I kept it on a shelf & it held a painting a friend did for me. But then I realized it would be perfect for displaying whatever album I was currently listening to. Right now I'm listening to Bon Iver's new self titled album. Its really, really pretty.These are our records! I say "ours" because Blake has bought almost all of them! When I got my record player for Christmas, I had 3 records: "The Sound of Music" and "West Side Story" soundtracks from my grandma's collection, and Tom Waits' "Rain Dogs" that I'd gotten for my 18th birthday (I ♥ Tom Waits, in case you didn't know). I think our favorites right now are the new Fleet Foxes album "Helplessness Blues" & Tyler, the Creator's "Goblin."
Don't mind the dust! ;)
The little owl bank was a gift from Blake's momma. She's the sweetest. And I spy a photo of me and my bestie, Mr. Colby Kern! Love you, best friend. :)
I refused to throw away my 2 years worth of Nylons away, so I packed them up and brought them all with me, much to mom's disliking.
For the past *forever* I've slept in a twin bed. When the news of moving out came about, I told my parents I needed a big kid bed. And I got one. Its SO great, why didn't I get one before?!
My "getting ready" area. Its a mess right now, but that's real life, right? ;)
This is the second room I've inhabited that has the breaker box in it! Its frustrating because its gross and ugly looking! Its always been quite the challenge covering it up and making it look... presentable in a bedroom (why do people put these things in bedrooms anyways?!)... so I used it for my growing Polaroid collection plus little things I wanted to keep around for a while (including Mr. & Mrs. Larson's cute wedding invite & program). Oh, and there's Blake chillin' in the mirror.
This is the new living room! I love that our house is (nearly) all hardwood flooring. I'm in love.
(the cutest little umbrella holder!)
this little clock is in our bathroom. other than the little paint chips below, this is the only picture of the bathroom, because the thing is so tiny, there's not much to show!
we're also choosing colors for the kitchen! so fun.
and this is a tiny bit of the kitchen. its so huge for an apartment! I was worried that our kitchen would be small, but we have so much cabinet space & such, it's surprising! I love it. I'm also a big fan of Anna's vintage bread box on top of the fridge, and her owl cookie jar!

That's it for now! Hopefully I'll do some more tour posts once we get even more settled in - Anna started hanging things up this afternoon, and we'll probably do some more tomorrow! Exciting, exciting.

So what do you all think?? Does the new home fit me, or what?! :)

xo Haley


  1. I LOVE it! The living room is probably my favorite. And your room.. so adorable! It fits you so well! I can't wait till the day when I get to move out and decorate an apartment of my own. Haha. Oh, and I spy a letter of mine in your polaroid collection ;)

  2. I feel so left out from all of this! I can't wait to be home.

  3. Your place is so cute! It's so quirky - I especially like the mismatched furniture in the living room!

  4. Ah, I love your new house. It's so neat and pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    I can't wait for seeing even more pics. :)

    I'm in the middle of a renovation process myself. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating, because I'd love to have it ready in the next minute. But, what can you do?

    Happy weekend. XO.

  5. you are so adorable haley! i love your style. some things about you just remind me so much of myself. i loved the way you talked about how certain things were special to you b/c they were family heirlooms, im the same way. love love love that owl umbrella holder, holy cow! and i see we both collect macrame owls! love your space and cant wait to see it as it grows!

  6. You have THE cutest house ever. I love your style so much! ^_^

  7. you have great style! i love all the cute details throughout your apartment! have a lovely day!
    xoxo, danielle

  8. I love the colors you picked out for your kitchen!


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