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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Living without an internet connection is tough. Let me tell you.
I have been without internet for like, 2 days I can already tell its going to be rough.
I went back to my parent's yesterday to finish cleaning out my old room, and I just sat on facebook for the longest time catching up on everything I'd missed while moving in!
But, I have figured out that if I choose a certain connection that isn't password protected, andI sit in the middle of my bed, I get a semi good connection! Yay to me!
Anyways, if you follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen these, but here are a few peeks from around the new home:
it has been so much fun getting everything set up and making it feel like home.
I can't wait to share more! Hopefully I'll be able to give a full tour soon-ish.

See you soon!
xo Haley


  1. i have the same stand up mirror in my bedroom! cant wait to see more :)

  2. Oh gosh what an adorable home you have there! Can't wait to see the full tour. Also, living without an internet connection = one of the worst things ever. Gah, I hate that!

  3. Awww, I spot a framed picture of you and me! I approve. I can't wait to get back and see the whole place in person! You will have to help me decorate my new place. Though, really I have it all planned out. I just need help carrying everything up four flights of stairs...excited?!

  4. your place looks so cute! i'm gonna have to visit you guys soon :)

  5. i'm glad everythings going well for you! i really want my own place now! :(

  6. GREAT blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really apprieciate your opinions on it. :)

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