It's my birthday week!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I feel like I have been waiting for this week to come since my last birthday! On Friday, I will finally be out of my dreaded teen years, and be in my twenties. I've never been so excited! Of course, next year when I turn 21, I'll probably say the same exact thing. ;)
This week is so full of exciting things: tomorrow, Blake is taking me to St. Louis to see Fleet Foxes. I'm so, so excited! In addition to seeing Fleet Foxes, I get to see Mr. Max, the cutest little 2 year old ever - I think Blake is more excited about seeing him than going to the show. Haha, silly.

I know 20 isn't a huge deal, but I'm excited - I'm almost finally out of my teenage years. This is a big deal to me! I don't know what I want to do for my birthday though. All of my friends are too far away to do something with... except for Breigh. Breigh, let's hang out! (P.s. Breigh has a blog now!)

Have a good week, and happy birthday week to me! ;)
xo Haley

p.s. Claire and I have some finally planning to do (I promise I'll email you soon, Claire!), but we are going to finally unveil our secret plans very, very soon! Stay tuned for more information. ♥


  1. Happy almost birthday! I was the same way as you and beyond excited to turn 20 so I didn't have to say "teen" anymore. =] I hope you have the most special birthday! <3 And I loveee the Fleet Foxes! Jealous.

  2. Happy Birthday Week sweetie!!

  3. AWE! Yay! Happy Birth Week! Hopefully Friday is amazing for you! Woo hoo! Cherish your 20's... the 30's aren't near as fun ha.

  4. Eep; happy birthday week, pretty babe!! I hope your birthday is totally amazing and you enjoy every second of it, you certainly deserve to. :)


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