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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blake and I just celebrated 7 months of being together! This is quite a short amount of time, I know. But... seeing as this is the longest relationship either of us has ever had, this is a big deal to us! (Although, in 8th grade I dated a boy for 8 months... but he was a Mormon and we only held hands. I'm pretty sure we only hugged a handful of times. Best memories ever? Yes.)

We went on the most typical date ever: dinner & a movie. This is what we wore...
Outfit Details//
On Haley: shirt - thrifted//jeans - american eagle//oxfords - steve madden.
On Blake: shirt - american apparel// jeans - forever 21// shoes - uo.

For dinner, we decided to try out the new creperie in Downtown Springfield. Elsie blogged about it a few weeks ago, and it seriously is just the cutest. I got the most wonderful peach + raspberry crepe, and Blake tried the Nutella crepe. I think next time we go (which should be soon, yes boyfriend??) I'll get the Nutella, because one bite of Blake's was not enough! It was so tasty! After that, we went to Target to buy a bookcase (I had been needing one badly since moving to Springfield), and then we went to the Palace (the home of Timewarp Tuesdays!) to see Something Borrowed, which was so cute. I HAVE to read the book now! Maybe it's time to get a library card...

xo Haley


  1. i love the palace!
    josh and i always went when we were living there.
    now i kind of want to be back so i can try this creperie out!
    it sounds/looks wonderful!

  2. Aww, congrats! You're just such an adorable couple. Glad you guys had a lovely time! ^_^ <3 xx

  3. Ah, congrats on the anniversary. :)

    And these crepés sure do look delicious. Yummi!


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