On my last day of being a teenager..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just fyi... this post is h u g e.
Tomorrow, I will turn 20 years old.
Not that 20 is the most exciting of ages, but this is a big deal to me.
I have been a teenager for so long - it's weird to think that I won't be one tomorrow.
I've decided to share a little timeline of sorts, just for fun.
And please know that I am sharing these pictures with you out of pure love for you guys... because some of these are embarrassing. Like the first picture below for example. Absolutely atrocious.
In 7th grade, little 13 year old Haley had brace + glasses + really bad curly hair + was a Jr. High cheerleader. I was one big awesome mess. *I'm sorry Breigh* .... 15 year old Haley lost the braces, found the wonders of a flat iron, but kept the glasses. Breigh and I were the best of friends that year...and in all honesty, have been ever since. We're quite inseparable. Colby and I became friends the summer I turned 16. I didn't know he was gay. We were both in our local production of The Music Man, and although we instantly click, we quickly became best friends.I spent almost every Monday night of my teenage years with my grandma. This will forever be one of my favorite memories of Jr. High & High School. I love my grandma so so much.I got my first tattoo. It took 7 minutes, and didn't hurt a bit. So for the people that ask me if tattoos actually hurt, I'm the worst person to ask.
I went to New York, and I never wanted to leave. Although, I'd never been on a plane before, so I was super stoked to get back on one to go home. That was pretty darn exciting. Also, I'm pretty sure I left the purse in the picture above in the closet of our hotel room. Lucky maid who found it - I really loved that purse.
My dad, Cassie, and I have been to every midnight showing of the Twilight series so far. We've also had a designated t-shirt making night the week before the movie, as well. We're so serious about Twilight. I got my license 3 months before turning 19. To say this was an accomplishment would be an understatement. I took the written permit test 9 times before finally passing, and then barely passed with 71 on the driving test. You need a 70 to pass. I got super lucky with that one. I went to my senior prom with my best friend. I graduated. Breigh and I stayed to go to school in Springfield, Cassie moved to St. Louis to go Lindenwood University & is studying film acting, and Alyssa moved to Kirksville to go to Truman University, where I believe she is pre-med. I'm so proud of my friends. :)
I met some the best women I'll ever know through this blog. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful role models in my life. *love you JanellyBean & Jamie!*
I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever, ever, ever! He's too good to me.

Over the past few years, I've learned so much, and got to do so many things.
I battled depression and cutting for 2 years; I lost a best friend, but gained so many new ones in turn; I snuck a boy into my house at 3 am, and thought I wouldn't get caught, but did; I went through relationship hell, but it taught me some of the greatest lessons I'll ever learn; I had the worst case of pink eye my eye doctor has ever seen (I had pink eye in both eyes and cuts on both corneas. I legitimately had to wear sunglasses indoors. at night. for reals); I went through the application process at Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau twice before deciding I shouldn't move away; I've wanted to be a Broadway actress, a journalist, a mortician & funeral director, a mommy, and a record store owner; I went to a My Chemical Romance + Green Day concert at the young age of 14...note to parents: never let your 8th grade daughter see those two bands live; I've gotten to see all three brothers grow into such handsome young men (with the exception of my 12 year old brother, Tucker, who acts like he's 5. but he's still cute); I was with my best friend when she was diagnosed with a kidney disease, a cried with her through brain tumors, and countless stupid boys, all in one year's time; I moved out of my parents home, and actually entered the stress of the real world; I've realized just how blessed I am.

I'm excited for the next 10 years.
And I'm sure that I'll be doing a blog just like this a decade from now recapping my 20's.
I'm thankful for everything I've been through, every breath I've been given, and every opportunity that has been handed to me.
I'm also quite thankful for all of you - I have the best readers in the world. You all are so fantastic & supportive. I'm so lucky to have fallen into the world of blogging. Without it, I wouldn't have made all of these great friends. I love you :)

Today, I'm spending my last day as a teenager reading Harry Potter, watching silly girly movies, and painting. I have an interview later to be a nanny for a sweet family in town *wish me luck* and then Blake is going to make mac & cheese, and we're going to wait for midnight to come, so I can say that I am officially 20 years old. :)

Have a wonderful day. ♥
xo Haley


  1. ooooh teenage years, how i miss thee. haha, you are going to have a blast! would you believe me if i said that being in your 20s is WAY more fun than being in your teens? cause it's the truth!

    happy birthday tomorrow!!!

    so i'm going away for a week and am currently not at home, would you be able to reserve that feather painting for me? i definitely want it and will purchase it when i get home on the 28th :) thanks love!!

  2. Elizabeth Haley I absolutely loved reading this! I even loved your stab at Jr. High Cheerleading! You did have an amazing coach though! You are a beautiful, amazing young woman, you should be proud of yourself. You are wise beyond your years and are going to be an amazing whatever you choose to be! I am blessed that I know you! Happy Birthday girl!

  3. I really enjoyed this post :) Your pictures are so cute.
    But be warned - being 20 is absolutely no different to being a teenager! It's quite disappointing really!

  4. This post is so awesome, I loved reading every bit of it! Happy birthday, pretty lady. <3<3

  5. this was prob my fave post ever! happy bday :)

  6. PS! wrist tattoos don't hurt at all. everywhere else is pure torture. fair warning. :)

  7. awwww!! my baby girl is all grown up :) I love you so much and I am so proud of you Hayley!! You are amazing...know it!!

  8. Aw, this was really fun to read. =] Have a happy happy birthday!

  9. Happy last few hours of being a teenager!
    I do believe you pretty much summed up your teen years very well! You are a blessed young lady and have a family that loves you so very much and is so proud of you!!! Very excited to watch you blossom in your 20's and go forward in to the big world as painful as that seems to me right now. Love you dearly, my Haley.

  10. My favorite part was the bit about me :]

    Miss you!

  11. Happy 'belated' Birthday Haley!! I love reading your blogs...I hate you have moved away...please come stay all night again soon.
    Love ya Kay

  12. I love watching our awkwardness develop into 'beauty'. Love you bfff.


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