Post-Wedding Happiness

Monday, May 16, 2011

One of the loveliest couples ever got married yesterday!I was so excited when I got my invite in the mail (it was seriously too cute), and Blake and I were so excited to dress up and be part of this special day.
I didn't bring my camera along, but I did take a few pictures on my phone, that I sent to my parents & Miss Claire throughout the afternoon. Claire, you would've absolutely died from the cuteness!!
And this is what we wore...
I am happy to announce that Blake picked both of our outfits, when he was in DC last week. The dress was so perfect, and I was so excited to wear it - until it ended up being way too cold, so I had to wear tights - but it still looked adorable. I love you, boyfriend. You can go shopping for me anytime. :)
I'll probably wear it again soon, and do a proper outfit post on it.

So, now my day is half over, and I have yet to start any of my homework to prepare for finals. I still have half of an essay to write for Children's Lit (worst class ever), and it's already over 3 pages long. BLAH. So ready for this semester to be over.

Don't forget, if you have any questions for me, ask away here or here. :)

xo Haley


  1. You guys look adorable! I'm glad you had fun, I'm sure it was a beautifulll wedding.

  2. Pretty sure I even sent you a text saying "dying of cuteness", cause I will honestly tell you, I did! I was sitting at a graduation and everytime my phone went off I jumped saying "EKKK! Another picture from Haley" :)

  3. Oh my word, you guys are freaking ADORABLE! :D


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