hello from florida.

Monday, May 30, 2011

we're having fun just chilling poolside and today we ventured out to the beach.
i didn't last too long. i'm not a fan of sand. haha

i think tonight, little brother + his girlfriend + blake + me are going on a little double date tonight to go eat and see Hangover 2.
last night, mr. blake took me on a date to the sugar shak to get ice cream and to look through all the local shops (that closed early - silly us, we forgot it was sunday). but we sat on a bench eating out sweet treats, and he gave me a promise ring.. this one, to be exact. i love this boy quite a bit. ♥

see you soon. :)
xo haley


  1. eeeeek!!! Congratulations :) xoxo

  2. A promise ring? Oh my! It's beautiful! I remember when Scott gave me my promise ring (about four years ago). It still makes my heart warm every time I look at it.

    Enjoy your time in Florida!

  3. Oh my gosh! You two are the absolute CUTEST!!! I hope that you have loads of fun in Florida! :) Take lots of pretty photos!

  4. Aww yay! Congrats! So sweet! :)

  5. You two have such a wonderful and different love, enjoy every moment :] Such a lovely ring (though it's not, it reminds me of a bow, which seems like totally something you'd wear)

    You are such a beautiful soul Haley! I have not a doubt in my mind you'll go off and do extraordinary things in life :]

  6. Oh my gosh, such an overload of cuteness! I hope you have a ton of fun in Florida!! :D


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