Awkward & Awesome

Thursday, May 5, 2011

t-shirt - boyfriend's//jeans - a.e.// cardigan - forever 21//
backpack - target//sunglasses - red velvet
- boyfriend is gone. i found myself wearing his shirt & listening to HEALTH on vinyl this morning. who am i?!
- that's all i can think of.

- my friend chris is currently drawing a cartoon of me:
- boyfriend bought Tyler, the Creator's new album, Goblin, a week before it's released in the US... um.. stoked.
- breigh is home (that's the awesome part). buuuut, she's back at the hospital, getting an IV infusion today, because she hasn't been feeling the greatest since she came home (not good. sad face). please keep her in your thoughts & prayers, please ♥
- that's all i can think of.

i'm at school, i have to go take a test like, right now, and i just lost track of time until right this very second, so it looks like i'll be late for class.. oops.
so i should probably go...
here's a random photo booth photo from yesterday, just because. :)
xo haley


  1. Love the outfit! :D

    Aw! Sorry about Breigh, praying for her still. ♥

  2. shut the hell up about your boyfriend. if you're going to mention him at least call hum by his name. you're so immature.

  3. hey anon . . rude much?
    haley i LOVE your outfit and your hair in these pics!

  4. Hey, anonymous. If you're going to leave a comment, you might as well try to use spell check once in a while.

  5. Now that I think about it, you do talk about Blake quite a lot, Haley :]

  6. hey! i love your blog, but you seem to talk about your boyfriend allllllll the time. maybe mention him only once per post? thanks.

  7. Those anonymous comments aren't very nice are they? That's really rude! I'm glad I don't get comments like that, as I talk about my boyfriend a lot too, eep! Then again, I don't get many comments haha!



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