Blog Love: Boyfriend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First of all, is he not the cutest ever? I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest girl in the w o r l d.
Here is more proof that I'm pretty darn lucky. And here's some more. :)

Anyways, Blake's blog is fairly new, so he's still getting into the habit of it all. But at first, I remember him sending me the cutest texts that would say, "I haven't blogged today, I need to!" It was seriously so adorable. Now he can't make fun of me when I feel the need to blog. :)
His blog is all about music. To say the least, he is completely obsessed with music. Like, completely. It's very refreshing to find someone who is so into what they do; he is so passionate about the music he makes, it's inspiring. So.. check out his blog. It's way fun to read, and he does "Song of the Day" posts when he remembers to blog. :)

P.S. he's in this band. and his friend Ethan makes some pretty...interesting music, too. :)
Sigh. He's just so cute!
Follow his blog + twitter :)
xo Haley


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