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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the midst of a billion projects that I have to finish this week, I thought I'd say hello!

Sir Colby and I had a good day - despite the news that Blake's flight had been pushed from 1:00, to 5:30, meaning I won't get to see him tonight. But, life goes on - I will see him tomorrow!

Colby and I didn't do exactly what we had intended on doing. We did have lunch (duh, we're food addicts), but instead of thrifting (not so much in the mood for that today), and taking pretty pictures (it was a bit too overcast for our liking), we went to Target, where I bought new socks, and he bought a card for his mother (awww). So. Today wasn't all that bad.

I have two more days of school left! Thursday and next Tuesday and then I am finished with my first year of college! I'm am beyond excited about this, and I think I deserve a party.
Speaking of parties... since everyone in my family seems sooo against the idea of me having a birthday party for my 20th birthday ("there's nothing special about turning 20, Haley..") I decided I'd throw myself a party. A Justin Bieber party. Eh, Lehua? :) #babybieberfever

So, with that said, let the party planning commence.
As soon as I'm done with these finals.


  1. That tshirt is so cute! And you should definitely have a party for your birthday, I have one every year... I'm currently planning one for my 24th! *shudder* Jeez, I'm pushin' on!


  2. YES! YES! & YES!
    The Bieber party sounds totes fab! HAHA!

    And I think your family just hasn't gotten a dose of the bieber fever yet. Once they do, they'll think this is the best party idea ever.

    Wish I lived closer! BOOOOOOO!
    #babybieberfever is ON!

  3. Super cute outfit! I love it. haha! Justin Bieber party?? :D


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