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Friday, May 6, 2011

This song:
and this song:

-I have to work today, but I'm heading back over to Breigh's as soon as I'm done there. I think she's doing fine, a lot of it is just emotional stuff now. The poor girl, everything is happening all at once. :(
So, we're spending tonight together, and even planning a Biffy Night for next weekend (we want to see Bridesmaids a lot!)

-I have 3 more days of school! Next week is just reviewing for finals, and then all of my finals are on that next Tuesday. I'm so excited to finally be done with this semester. It's lasted way too long.

-I've been looking through my closet, and I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear to Elsie's wedding. Haha, I feel silly for thinking that, but it's true! So I think a little shopping trip next weekend is in order.

-Blake just informed me that the Home Alone house is for sale. I want it.

-Oh, and... Regarding the Anonymous comments towards my boyfriend: The first one I received (last week, I think), was probably the nicest/edging on a smidge rude comment ever! It sounds exactly like something Breigh would say to me during one of our late night girl talk therapy sessions. Haha. But, I took whatever Anon had to say into consideration, because whoever this person is, did their best to explain what they meant. And then yesterday, I received an extremely rude Anon comment regarding Blake, yet again. I'm sorry, but... this is my blog. I will talk about my boyfriend as much as I want! If that bothers you, stop reading! I don't want to seem rude about it, but he is my boyfriend, he is the man I intend on marrying... I am going to talk about him a lot.
With that said..

-Dear Boyfriend, come home now. :)

xo Hay


  1. You're sooo right! I totally don't get this thing with the rude comments, anyway. If someone isn't interested in what you (I/we) are writing, then stop the heck reading!! Why all this negativity??

    :) Happy weekend. Can't wait to see your wedding outfit!


  2. Aww! I love you. A lot. You must really be missing me if you put HEALTH AND Smith Westerns on your blog. I miss you! I'll be home soon enough! :)


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