Wednesday, June 1, 2011

june is full of birthdays and sweet treats. concerts and bubble tea. days made up completely of frozen pizzas and lifetime movies. grandma nights and biffy nights. spending full days with blake. praising God for the miracle He's worked in Breigh lately*. finding a new job and trying to not complain too much.
this month will be a long one. and an interesting one.
i have one month left of being a teenager. it's pretty surreal and i'm not quite ready to be able to say i'm in my 20s.
xo haley

* breigh went to the eye doctor for a normal eye exam, and couldn't see out of her left eye (for the most part). after looking at her eye, the dr. said that her left optic nerve was pinched, which mainly only happens when you have a stroke. after going to the hospital, they have decided she most likely did have a stroke the last time she passed out (passing out is a common side effect of her kidney disease). i think at one point, they had thought she might have a brain tumor, but i'm not sure if they've developed that idea any further. anyways, her mother announced via facebook, that breigh can see out of her left eye again. God has been so good to her, and her family lately. its scary having this happen to your best friend, and dealing with a possible brain tumor is not a cool feeling at all. although she can see again, this was just a small little mountain, and there are probably many more to come. so please continue to pray for my best friend. we'd both appreciate it. ♥


  1. Oh my goodness, I always worry about Breigh. Seriously you are an amazing friend to stick by her. I need friends like you!

  2. haha! i'll be 20 too this year. i'm not ready either ;p

  3. Wow, I feel so horrible for Breigh! D: She is definitely still in y prayers and will stay there, I agree with Elzialousie, you're an amazing friend!<3

  4. Love June/Summer so much. It's the best!
    I am so happy for your friend! That's so awesome! I will definitely keep praying for her. XOXO.


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