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Friday, April 8, 2011

Band of Horses.
Surely, with all of my Band of Horses talk lately, you knew this one was coming. :)
I'm just toooo excited for tonight! I had to practically beg my dad, because he decided last minute he wanted to give his ticket to my brother. But this is mine and my dad's thing! He couldn't not go! But he decided to go. :)
There's always a downside to things, right?
Boyfriend has his first show with his new band. And I won't be there for it.
UGH. I'm really bummed.

...but then again, I'm meeting Tyler Ramsey & Ben Bridwell.
All is well in Haley's world.

xo Hay

p.s. this is my 200th post :)


  1. But then again? Whatevs, girlfriend, whatevs!! :)

  2. Love Blake's comment. haha! I hope you have a ton of fun. :]


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