Thursday, January 27, 2011

I decided this blog was in need of something more than just photo booth pictures (and for that, I am very sorry-ish). So.. a mini photo dump of sorts is in order, I suppose.
I've been running around like crazy lately, or so it seems. As I mentioned the other day, I made the last minute decision to drive to St. Louis and spend the weekend at my aunt's. I got to see little Max, and Miss Cassie (whom I miss very, very much). She gave me the tour of her theatre at school, and her dorm. And also surprised me with some very vital info concerning her career. My girl is signing a contract with her agency and moving to LA in the fall. She's growing up so fast.. :)
Monday was bestfriend-Breighann's 19th birthday, so Blake and I went to her surprise birthday party.
(Blake also brought me Starbucks & a new record when I got home from STL. Awesome boyfriend I have)
Tuesday, I had school and Blake and I saw Burlesque, and he complained very little, if at all, actually. Like I said, I have a really awesome boyfriend.
I added some Red Velvet love to my car...
I was a bit goofy at work, all by myself yesterday afternoon, after spending a chunk of time working on our new V-Day display..
Its still got some work to do... Momma is making a Love-themed banner to go across the front of the case. I'm so excited!
Aunt Leslie bought me new shoes and I heart them a lot.
And my boyfriend is really adorable.
I don't have anything else important to say. Not that any of this was important and life changing to you anyway :)
xo Haley


  1. Still a very cute post.
    your cupcakes looks so yummyyy!!!
    i want some!


  2. Those shoes are adorable! Where are they from?


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