Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I saw Burlesque last night... It was the ultimate cheese-fest. It was so silly, the acting was terrible, and the story was way overdone. But the costumes and the club scenes were absolutely mesmerizing. I have never wanted to be in a movie as bad as Burlesque. Except for maybe Gone with the Wind. But that's for completely different reasons. :)
Burlesque was so full of feathers, and beads, and sequins, and pretty things. I want to wear those outfits! Especially this one:
I wish you could see the rest of it... there are hand prints on the butt, too. Its so hilariously cute. I WANT.
And it was so hilarious watching Colby get excited every time Cher sang a song (which was only twice. Thank goodness). I'm not much of a Cher fan, but my best friend sure is. :)
Anyways... here are my two favorite parts. The first is just adorable, and the second features the costume I want. :)

Go see Burlesque. If only for the reason that its good for a laugh or two. :)
xo Haley

oh, and to make this a legit post....
Here are some sweet Harry Potter cupcakes that I should probably make for my boyfriend sometime. :)


  1. Those cupcakes are AWESOME. I LOVE Harry Potter... It's really gross how much I love it!

  2. Elizabeth Haley Tyson. What if Cher stumbles across your blog?!?! Don't be hating on the great and powerful Cher! Show some respect! Jeeze.

  3. Hohmagosh, those cupcakes are to die for! So cute. As are you! :)

  4. I saw this movie and totally loved it. That outfit you like with the hand prints--Betsey Johnson has some similar style in their swim wear collection I just saw it today! You should check it out :)


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