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Friday, January 14, 2011

I did a bit of product modeling... and I'm sooo excited about the rest of the photos! After seeing this one, I got SUPER excited. Like, seriously. I keep looking at it! Not in a vain/self righteous kind of way, I promise. Its just too awesome! Elsie did a great job working with a TERRIBLE model. :)
And Daddy tagged along, and snuck some behind the scenes pictures.

Have I ever told you that my dad is THE best?! He is. And he way enjoyed Emma's cupcakes, and I love my new dress from Elsie. Such a good night. :)
xo haley


  1. I knew this was you when Elsie posted this! I am so jealous. You are gorge. :)

  2. Beautiful photo. You look absolutely lovely! Love your blog <3

  3. awesome! lovin' it! I am a new follower - looking forward to reading more! peace&love

  4. Such an awesome opportunity to be able to shoot with Elsie! That picture is amazing!<3


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